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 sump pump

A sump pump is a device that reduces the risk of water damage to the underground part of a home. When there’s excess water in the ground around your basement (for example, from rain or spring snowmelt), a sump pump moves that water up and away from the building. Installing a sump pump often helps you save money on your insurance premiums, too.

If your home sits in a high-risk area, chances are you already have a sump pump. But where should you look if you’re unsure? And, if you’re considering installing a sump pump, how do you figure out the right power and capacity, Call AMS today to discuss the right solution for your home !


Does your sump pump have what it takes to prevent basement flooding, even in severe conditions? Will it still work when there’s a power outage?

With a sump pump from Basement Systems, you can count on reliable, long-term performance. Our basement sump pump systems combine innovative features with top-quality components.

  • Powerful, premium-quality Zoeller sump pumps easily outperform other models.

  • Super-durable plastic sump liner provides clean appearance and helps prevent sediment build-up.

  • Pump stand elevates intake to avoid clogging the pump.

  • Airtight lid improves safety, appearance and compatibility with radon abatement systems.

  • Battery backup capability keeps system operating during power outages.

 sump pump

Why it's worth installing or replacing a sump pump

A sump pump is critical for keeping your basement dry. This is especially true if your home is prone to flooding. A sump pump helps prevent basement water problems by carrying excess water out of your basement and away from your foundation.

If your sump pump isn't working properly, this can lead to excess moisture in your home, which can cause mold and mildew problems.

If you have a dirty, open sump pit and under-powered sump pump, then you probably know that this old-fashioned system isn't just ugly; it's also prone to all kinds of problems that can cause basement flooding: a pump intake that becomes clogged with debris and sediment in the sump pit, switch that malfunctions and pump that burns out just when it's needed most.

Protect your home with a reliable basement sump pump

AMS sump pump systems have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes throughout Long Island, Our basement waterproofing systems provide you with the best performance and value and with a finished appearance that you can be proud to show off in your basement. When you install a Basement Systems sump pump system along with one of our patented perimeter drainage systems, you get a dry basement warranty you can count on for as long as you own your home.

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